Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs)

On this page, you will find the livestock guardian dogs and pups we raise on our farm.

What is a LGD and why should you have one?

A livestock guardian dog is a dog bred for the purpose of protecting your livestock or birds from predators. When you aren't watching there may be predators getting ready to take out some or all of your flock or babies!

Maremma x Sarplaniac x Kangal

LGDs we have on our farm

We have a beautiful registered Maremma boy named Buddy who is a gentle giant! We also have a registered Female Maremma, Addie. This year we will be expecting 2 litters of puppies. One from our Maremma x Sarplaninac x Kangal girl, and one from Buddy and Addie.  We are excited to meet them! We are taking deposits now for them.


We are so thrilled to have Buddy on our farm protecting our birds. He is a registered Maremma, his parents are from Italy!! For the first time ever in over 15 years of farming, we had a predator attack multiple times on our birds last year. Buddy will make sure this doesn't happen again.


This girl stole my heart from day 1. I lost my beautiful Maremma Cross a year ago. She was so devoted to our farm and to me. I didn't think I would find that again, until Addie.. she is the best farm dog I have ever had. you can move her anywhere on the farm with whatever, and she adjusts! Her parents came from Finland. Looking forward to her pups this spring! 


She doesn't like to be in the house long, but when she is, she has a nap lol. Her name fits the description, nothing is brave enough to stick around when she's around. She is growing into a great guardian dog! We can't wait for her to have pups so she can have a partner to guard the fields!

Book your puppy for Summer 2024!!

We are taking deposits now for Rocky and Buddy's Spring litter, contact us to book your puppy now so you can start protecting your investment in your furry and feathery critters!

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