Create a Sustainable Farm You Love.

A Hands-On workshop with your own gifted workbook.

With our over 18 years of experience, we want to lead and guide you through the process of discovering your true purpose and passion, so you know which steps to take next to have the farm of your dreams.

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👩‍🌾Are you interested in building a more sustainable farm that aligns with your passion and your beliefs?

👩‍💻Feeling overwhelmed with the abundance of information on various animals and birds online, especially on Facebook? 

🏫📚 Not sure where to begin your learning journey?


We have created a workshop to help you create a better plan.


We will be teaching 4 of the most popular topics that we get asked about while helping you to:


✅ figure out your why and your purpose 

✅ if you have the appropriate land and set up for your plans

what you should get started with or add to your farm

✅ what skills and training you will need to acquire


Get your burning questions answered from a well known expert within the community, who has been farming since 2006, known for raising many types of different animals and birds, educating and training others to be more self-reliant for many years through on-farm and online courses.


You will also find out how you can: 


🌟 gain more clarity and confidence to decide which step you should take next. 

🌟 gain more knowledge and skills quickly in farming to be more productive at a lower cost.

🌟 save the frustration and overwhelm to create a sustainable farm you love.

🌟 be in a community of like-minded people


JOIN OUR ONLINE WORKSHOP  if you're serious about creating a sustainable farm and you don't want to make the mistakes we made in the beginning.

Gain more clarity, insight, and get your questions answered.



Lindsay N.

"New beginnings gave us an amazing education and start to our small hobby farm. They went above and beyond, giving their time and wisdom to make our first experience with poultry an excellent one. Thanks."

Carol B.

My family LOVED the opportunity that was offered by renting a hatching kit. Even though we chose not to keep the duckling, we all learned a lot from start to finish. And Tracey was there with answers to all the questions that came up. My kids still talk about Kiwi (duckling) and cannot wait until our next kit with chicks!


Our family had an amazing time hatching sweet little ducklings. Not only was it fun for us all to watch them develop and grow but the added lessons and videos made it excellent for our homeschooling family. We are excited to do another hatching kit every year!

Get the tools, strategies, and support you need to start, improve, or grow your farm.

If you're serious about creating a sustainable farm without making the mistakes we made in the beginning, this is the perfect opportunity for you to save time, money, and avoid the headache and overwhelm.  

Start planning 2024 with confidence