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Raising Heritage Pigs For Beginners.


You will learn the basics of raising pigs, with printable PDFs, pictures, and videos will be added as well soon.

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We will cover many topics that we always get questions about and feel are necessary for your success and the best experience such as:

-What breeds should you get?

-How many pigs should you start with?

-How big of a shelter do you need?

-What do you feed them?

-Where do you buy supplies?

and many more!


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You will have access to our community to answer any other popular questions we often get during our on-farm Educational Classes and we will also show you our setups, pigs, etc. for a more on-farm experience!


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"We took this class last year and it was an amazing experience for me and my wife. James took the time to explain everything to us, and spent extra time answering all of our questions! Thanks guys!"

Lindsay N.

"New beginnings gave us an amazing education and start to our small hobby farm. They went above and beyond, giving their time and wisdom to make our first experience with poultry an excellent one. Thanks."



Bre Watkins

"I use the strategies I learned in this class daily. It's safe to say this experience changed my life."


We want to Support you on your journey Raising

Your Own Heritage Pigs

Have you been wanting to raise your own pigs but don't know where to start?  Or you would like to learn more from someone who has already done it for over 17 years?

Here's the basics to get you started at your finger tips.  On all devices, pdf printouts, and step-by-step instruction.

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