Heritage Pigs

On this page, you will find the two types of pigs we raise on our farm.  We have Mangalitsa and Kune Kune piglets available now!

What type of Heritage Pigs are you looking for?

We raise both Kune Kunes as well and the very rare Mangalitsa Pig on our farm so we can have good quality pasture-raised pork for our family and would love to educate you and your family on why you should raise some too!

Kune Kunes

Kune Kunes

The Kune Kune is a small, friendly, tame breed of domestic pig from New Zealand. They are slow growing, have tasty pork, and are well known as the pet pig to add to your farmstead. They do not root and have a very short snout for this reason. They eat mainly grass and healthy treats such as fruits and veggies.

Our Kune Kune Girl

Our girl loves scratches and her carrots lol. She will even jump in the sled for a ride when we have treats in a bucket for her lol.

Our Kune Kune girl

A few Piglets available!! We will only have a few piglets available and are taking deposits.

Our Kune Kune girl

A few Piglets available!! We will only have a few piglets available and are taking deposits.

Our Kune Kune Boar

This guy is very docile but loves his apples and snuggles! Can't wait to see what color babies we will get from him and his girlfriend!!

Our Kune Kune Piglets

We get a variety of colors with our babies. These piglets are very docile and we will have another litter ready to go in September!

Mangalitsa (Mangalica)

Mangalitsas are well known as the healthiest pasture-raised pork in the world! It’s the Kobe (Waygu) beef of pork. They forage well and can be raised outside all year round. The Mangalitsa meat is dark red in color. Mangalitsa needs 14 to 18 months to reach slaughter weight compared to 9 to 12 months for most other breeds or crosses. The secret to the amazing taste of Mangalitsa meat is its pure white fat! (Mono-saturated Fat) Mangalitsa pork contains a pure and beneficial fat that is rich in Omega 3, 6, 9, Vitamin D, and Antioxidants.

Blonde Mangalitsa

We have Blonde Mangalitsas on our farm. These beautiful wooly pigs are friendly and very hearty pigs for Alberta's harsh winters. They prefer to root and rummage for food they are great foragers! They love to eat peas and barley as well as root vegetables and many other nutritious fruits and vegetables. They should not eat GMO foods including corn, soy, dairy, or processed foods or it will affect the nutrition and appearance of their meat. We have 2 blonde 4 mth old gilts left.

Black Swallow Belly Mangalitsa

This beautiful breed originated in Hungary in the mid-19th century by crossbreeding breeds from the nearby Romanian Salonta and Hungarian Bakony with the European Wild Boar and the Serbian Sumadija breed. They grow a thick curly coat of hair. They weigh 180-200 lbs. at about 14-15 months of age. 

Our Mangalitsa girls

We have a group of Black Swallow Belly and Blonde Mangalitsas on our farm. 


We also have red combination mangalitsas. Kitarni is registered with Mboar. This beautiful girl has been exposed, expected babies in January, and is up for sale. She is a great mom, produces beautiful babies and very friendly!

Some of Kitarni's Piglets!

She's such a good mom and produces beautiful babies! Another litter will be ready early next year, in February/March 2024.

Our Mangalitsa girls

We have Black Swallow Belly, Blonde, and Strawberry Blonde color combination Mangalitsas on our farm. 

Our Mangalitsa girls

We have both Black Swallow Belly and Blondes Mangalitsas on our farm. They are our favorite colors of this breed because these are the original colors! We also have Strawberry Blonde.

Our Mangalitsa/Duroc girls babies!!

We have a few Duroc/Manga cross barrows available as well!!

Meet Our Swallow Belly Boar Black Bear

This guy is super friendly and easy to handle! He's my absolute favorite, he always comes for cuddles and scratches.

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Meet Our Pure Blonde Boar Maci and Sow Legacy

Both are registered through Mboar. This beautiful, friendly couple has a litter coming this December 2023! Message us to book yours, there will be limited available.

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Some of Legacy's Piglets!

This litter is already all sold but there will be another litter ready February 2024.

Raising Heritage Pigs for Beginners

A class held on our farm designed for beginners to learn the basics of raising pigs. 

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