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On this page, you will find the guinea fowl we raise on our farm.

Guinea Fowl

We have many different colors of guineas. 

Guineas we have on our farm

We have many different colors of guinea fowl. Guineas are amazing for being natural foragers and pest control. We have them on our farm to keep the number of pests down such as mites, lice, and other unwanted bugs and pests. They also add variety, fun, and character to our farm!


We are booking for baby keets for the spring, but there will be a limited number available and they will come in a variety of colors. 

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  • 6 baby keets in a variety pack
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Guinea fowl are great to keep insect pests away and a natural way to keep your barnyards clean. They are also great to warn of danger or a threat to your flock.

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