Do you want to raise your own chickens but you're still not sure if you want to commit to keeping them?


You want the experience for you and your children but aren't able to keep the chickens?

You may want to consider our Chick to Chicken Program!

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Learn and grow in the comfort of your own yard.

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This hands-on experience in your own backyard will teach you the basics of raising chickens!

How to raise chicks


- How to set up a brooder for them.

-Supplies you will need.

-Where to buy supplies and food.

-What food to feed them at different stages of life.

-What size coop you need.

-Information on maintaining good health for your birds.



You will see the different stages and set-ups


-3 stages of growth

-see different set-ups 

-learn the daily time, chores, and responsibility raising chicks requires.

-teach your children responsibility.

-enjoy snuggles and entertainment for the whole family!

Online Course, Support, and Community


-support and guidance throughout the process.

-Access to our online course to teach you the basics.

-Access to our community group where you can ask questions and share your experience with others.

"Tracey has always been very supportive and is always there to answer any questions we have."

Crystal .W.

"New beginnings gave us an amazing education and start to our small hobby farm. They went above and beyond, giving their time and wisdom to make our first experience with poultry an excellent one. Thanks."

Lindsay N.

Details and what's included:


Thank you for your interest in our Chick-to-Chicken Program so you can experience what it takes to raise your very own chickens in the comfort of your own yard!

We will provide everything that you will need from May-August to raise them including a mini coop!

And if you decide it is not for you or are just renting for the experience, we will come and pick everything back up in August!


  •  We need to know at the time of booking whether or not you are considering keeping the chickens or if it is just for the experience. (if you are keeping the chickens, we will still be picking up all of the equipment as well as the mini coop in August)
  •  These bookings are only for those within our drop-off area. (St. Albert, Morinville, Sturgeon County. (we may deliver to other surrounding areas for an extra charge.)


Cost: $675 + GST SALE $575 + GST


This includes:


-3 chicks

-brooder for chicks

-heat lamp

-waterer and feeder

-1 bag of shavings 

-chicken feed 

-mini coop

-online basics course 

-support along the way


  •   You must pay in full at the time of booking to: [email protected]   OR NOW ONLINE PAYMENT ACCEPTED!   
  •   No password is needed
  •   There are absolutely no refunds once you complete the booking or change dates.

Contact Our Farm

To book your spot for May please contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you have.

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