How to get a better hatch rate with your shipped eggs

Jan 29, 2023

I can't count how many times people come to me to buy hatching eggs because they are so disappointed with the fertility and hatch rate from someone else.

It's important to realize that no matter how perfectly eggs are packaged, all hatching eggs will lose fertility when shipped or transported.

You should expect about 50% of the fertility rate from the farm that you buy them from.


1- Never put shipped eggs directly into the incubator when you receive them.

2-They should be placed pointy end down in a cool location.

3- Eggs should remain flat for the first 24 hours.

4- Put a small container of water beside the carton to help to rehydrate the eggs because they lose humidity during the shipping process.

5- If you feel the need of washing your eggs, do not do so until you are ready to put them in the incubator. We use a warm damp cloth and some apple cider vinegar to clean. Do not use chemicals, soap, or soak the eggs. Do not use hot water. Dry with a clean towel immediately after before you put into the incubator.


Something I always do when i receive my shipped eggs, is I candle the eggs to see how the air pockets look and where they are. If they are good, you will see a very small air pocket at the top.


When hatching eggs are shipped, they can have detatched air cells and the yolks can be off center. Giving them humidity and time to settle(24 hrs.) will help detached air cells to reform and the yolk to center again.

After 24 hours, you will need to bring the eggs back up to room temperature, then I candle the eggs again to see if the air cells settled.


These are important steps you must consider if you want to have a better hatch rate with your shipped eggs.  Good luck and happy hatching!!