Did you know I created a cookbook?

Feb 06, 2023

Even when you live off of the land, and grow your own food, you need good, healthy recipes!


A few years after recovering from an autoimmune disease I was diagnosed with over 20 years ago, my 25 year old son moved away. He (along with all of my children and myself) cannot eat gluten or anything our body thinks is gluten because of the genetics we carry that cause us to be very ill if we do.


My son greatly missed my cooking and was continuously asking for my recipes. So I decided to create a cookbook for him as a Christmas gift to give to both him and my older daughter who had just moved out as well.


This is not just any regular gluten-free cookbook!


This cookbook has over 80 pages of grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free recipes that I experimented with and made from scratch when I had no clue what to eat.


My diet was so limited because food caused my body and mind so much pain, inflammation, and imbalance, and triggered an autoimmune disease. 


I needed to change my diet completely and stay away from the many foods that were triggering me to be sick if I wanted to stay off the steroid medication I was on for over 20 years (that the doctors told me I would never live without!)

I also used these same foods to Prevent my children from having to take asthma and allergy medication, sleeping aids, and medication for anxiety and ADHD. 

I decided to make a digital copy as well to make it available for my clients for my New Beginnings Health and Wellness business where I help people with Autoimmune Disease and other unknown illnesses. 


I decided to share the link to my cookbook after discovering that the majority of my customers buying chicks and attending our farm classes the past few years that nearly all of them had some sort of gluten issue, digestion problems, food allergies, or an autoimmune disease. 


This was very shocking to me.


Families that grow their own food and raise their own animals are definitely the people that eat healthy or at least try to the best of their knowledge. We are in a different mindset where we are striving every day to be healthy. 

So how can it be that they are sick too?


Like me, this was why they got into farming, to be healthier. It was their hope anyway.


That’s when I realized that the struggle and challenges we experience with depleted soil, contaminated and toxic ingredients, products, foods, etc. still exist on the farmstead and are more serious than I thought. 


The poor condition of our state of genetics from past family generations is still following us and the lack of healthy and reliable resources makes it a daily challenge to be healthy, even when we are doing all we can.


We must change the way we live and what food we are consuming, so we can correct these imbalances and problems. What we put in our mouths greatly affects our immune systems and our health.

And it has been my mission since I recovered from Autoimmune Disease to educate as many people as I can and provide resources,  tools, and support to combat these struggles that are clearly just as bad even within my farm friend circle! 

This is why I educate and support living off the land, raising your own animals, and being self-reliant, because that is the only thing we have control over that will greatly affect our lives and our health. We need to know what we are eating, where it came from, and get as much nutrition as we can.

We need to be able to not only grow the food our bodies were designed to eat but to be able to prepare and cook it in such a way that it will give us the most nutrients possible without adding ingredients or products to our homegrown food that will harm us or it defeats our purpose! 

I believe education, knowledge, and experience with these things give us the power to live healthier lives and teach our children as well to do the same.


I thought I would share the link with all of you so you can have the opportunity to use your homegrown food with some of these recipes,  to encourage you to experiment with different, delicious ingredients that are shown to reduce inflammation and improve your health instead of the more common foods that you may not realize are hurting you and affecting your health!



Website: https://www.newbeginningshealthandwellness.ca/


Link to cookbook: