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 Raising Heritage Pigs

 for beginners


You will learn the basics of raising heritage pigs. 

Basics of Raising Heritage Pigs

-Education on some of the breeds we raise.
-what you need to house pigs
-what they eat
-deworming and other health protocols

Tour of our Pigs & Setups

You will get to see the babies, pigs, and our setups.


We welcome you to bring your questions, you will also get a pdf with basic information.






"We went to New Beginnings Poultry and Duck Farm to talk about birds and pigs and it was a very educational time spent, we learned so much and loved their critters."

Ben S.

"It was a very informative visit to Tracey's poultry farm. She was very inspiring and encouraging for me and my wife."

Chris T.

Why Should Beginners Raise Mangalitsas?

Raising Mangalitsas is ideal for beginners in pig farming. These sociable piglets are easy to manage, and their exceptionally marbled meat offers a flavorful, high-quality culinary experience. With a heritage breed status, Mangalitsas bring tradition and uniqueness to farming. Known for adaptability, they thrive in various climates. Engaging with Mangalitsa piglets not only provides an educational opportunity for newcomers to learn pig-rearing practices but also offers the rewarding experience of raising a distinctive and premium breed.

We would love to provide guidance and support from our knowledge and experience either here at the farm or through our online course for beginners. Feel free to check out our courses and if you have any questions, we are happy to help!

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Raising Heritage Pigs for Beginners  


 We teach you the basics of how to raise heritage pigs.


 What's included:

-Learn the basics

- see our pigs and set-ups.

-Time to ask questions

-Free pdf


Cost: $149 per person

Location: We are located 5 minutes west of Morinville, in Sturgeon County, Alberta.


*You must pay in full at the time of booking.

*You must read the rules for coming to our farm classes and agree to the waiver before attending the class.

 **Click on the button below if you are interested in the online version. 

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Let us help and guide you on your journey

Learn the basics, check out our set-ups, and have time to ask us questions.
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