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Join our Farmstead Essentials Academy Yearly Membership to have access to:

*All of our basic online courses

*Early access and choice for available birds, LGD pups, pigs, hatching kit rentals, and on-farm courses

*Live weekly training

*Access to a private member community

All of your training and support are in one place!

Raising Ducks and Geese for Beginners

You will learn the basics of raising ducks and geese, with printable PDFs, pictures, and videos that will be added soon.

What you'll get:

  • online access to the course or through an app on your phone.
  • any upgrades to the course
  • See some of our birds and set-ups in the course.
  • access to our farming community group online 

Get the information and knowledge you need to get started with confidence!

What People Are Saying:

"Our family had an amazing time hatching sweet little ducklings. Not only was it fun for us all to watch them develop and grow but the added lessons and videos made it excellent for our homeschooling family. We are excited to do another hatching kit every year!"


"New beginnings gave us an amazing education and start to our small hobby farm. They went above and beyond, giving their time and wisdom to make our first experience with poultry an excellent one. Thanks!"