February Hatching Kit Rentals 2024


Thank you for your interest in a hatching experience!😊


We are currently booking February For 2024 :

The cost is $200.

Hatching Experience for chicks or ducklings (if ducks are not laying yet, chicks eggs will be provided as a substitute)


We will provide everything you need including support.❤️😊
It takes 21 days to hatch chicks, and 28 to hatch ducklings, you will have 3 days after they hatch to spend with the new babies!
If you can't keep the chicks or ducklings, we will provide everything they need for up to 3 days, then we will meet up to take everything back, including the chicks/ducklings.
*You are welcome to pre-purchase and keep the chicks or ducklings but the brooder kit and supplies will not be included. You also must let us know ahead of time if you are interested in doing that and then we can plan which breed you would like!!❤️😊* For February or March, if you are planning on purchasing the chicks you hatch, you will not be able to choose the breed as all my birds are together at the moment but it's a perfect option if you are new to them!


Package includes


- Incubator (Built-in Egg Turner)
-High-Intensity Candler to candle eggs
-Digital Hygrometer to gauge humidity 
-6 -8 Fertilized Chicken Eggs/duck eggs
-Brooder kit- Cage, bedding, food, vitamins, waterer, heat lamp
-online course with videos to guide you through your experience 
-Printable PDF educational information sheet along with instructions 
-access to our community of others hatching same time as you!
-support if needed for questions, etc.
Package $200
Deposit for Equipment $120 Refundable upon return if all of our supplies come back on time, are clean, and are in good working condition.
*** Just to be clear of confusion the cost is $200 for the kit rental and $120 for the deposit for the equipment. You must pay the $200 to book the kit but The deposit for the equipment isn’t due until a week before the kit is issued to you.😊The $120 will be refunded as long as all the equipment and pieces, parts, accessories are all returned in good, clean working order. This includes boxes, manuals, and everything you are given at the time of the rental.


3 options for meet-up spots to pick up the kit:

Our farm, St. Albert Costco, Morinville Skatepark 
*** There are many variables involved when it comes to hatching and we do the best we can to support you through your hatching experience and provide you with instructions, guidance, and an online mini-course, and you have the opportunity to be part of a community of others hatching for the first time as well so you will not be alone. We cannot guarantee the eggs or your hatch once the kit is in your hands for your hatching experience. Although we do experience good hatch rates within our program and want to support you and see you succeed.❤️
**We have limited incubators available each month so the hatching experience must be pre-booked and paid in full to complete the booking. We cannot change the date and there will be no refunds if you change your mind about the booking. We will contact you a week before your rental and the $120 Deposit must be paid at that time and before meeting up with the kit. 
*We do not Separate anything from the kits and when you’re booking the kits you must book all of them! There are no price changes or kit changes if you have your own Incubator or supplies and you will not have access to the online program or educational hatching information without booking the kit. ( purchasing hatching eggs does not entitle you to these benefits 😊)
We are happy to assist you with your hatching experience 😊so please feel free to reach out to us for any questions you may have so we can help this learning experience be the best one for you and your family 🙂 🐥


** In order to etransfer for payment, you will need to contact us to pay for the coupon code.**

Feel to contact us if you have any questions at: [email protected]

Tracey and James
New Beginnings Poultry & Ducks
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